Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we ?

I am a french traveller and designer, based in London.

I like to discover as much as I can and share my experiences online. One of the best way to express it is through design. Explore and find out if there's anthing you like !

I can't find the design I'm looking for

If you would like me to design a poster on a particular place, don't hesitate to fill the contact form and suggest it !

If you have a request for a custom design you have in mind, reach out and we can discuss how to bring it to life together.

Where do you ship to ?

We currently ship to all of Europe (for free!)

We don't ship to the US for now but it's in the works. If you live on that side of the Atlantic, voice your interest in the contact form !

When should I expect my products to arrive ?

We usually have 10-12 days shipping times for most our products. We send them through third party provider, and tracking infos are communicated to you after your order is placed.

Make sure you provide your complete address details to insure your products are delivered quickly and correctly 😀

Which framing options do you propose ?

We offer unframed and framed posters.

Framed posters are either wooden or metal, and the wooden frames come in different colours and finishes. Check out the dedicated page to see how they look !

How do I get discounts ?

You'll start earning points as soon as you submit your first order.

If you leave us a review or share a post on instagram, we'll give you a 15% discount on your next order !